ORTECH can assist your facility in applying for an ECA

Working on an air quality permit is usually just one of many things our clients have on their daily to-do.   It's a cost that is not understood or a process that drives clear value.  But, it is the cost of doing business in Ontario for any business emitting compounds into the air. 

ORTECH strives to make the application process as quick and painless as possible.  We drive a "Educate-Plan-Comply" process to ensure our clients understand the compliance process and its implications.  ORTECH has worked on 100s of applications and fine tuned our approach to be client-centric.  From that approach, creative solutions and focused communication to the upper management are key components.

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More information on Environmental Compliance Approval

As environmental regulations become increasingly complex, ORTECH provides cost effective regulatory compliance solutions to industrial, manufacturing, municipal and renewable energy sectors. An Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), formerly known as a Certificate of Approval is a permit issued by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (“MECP”), formerly Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (“MOECC”) for air emissions from a facility. Click here for our Air Quality Compliance brochure.

In Ontario, nearly all industrial facilities, and many other facilities, require an ECA.  The ECA must address all contaminants (including noise) emitted into the environment and should be amended before a facility makes any process, operational, or equipment changes that affect emissions.

Facilities may also apply for ECAs with Limited Operational Flexibility (ECAwLOF), formerly known as Basic Comprehensive Certificates of Approval, which allow the facility to make some modifications without first obtaining an ECA amendment. This allows facilities to adapt quickly to market changes. The limited operational flexibility condition is generally granted for 10 years.

ORTECH can assist you in preparing and submitting an ECA application (with or without Limited Operational Flexibility). As part of the application process we will provide the following services:

  • Discuss the pros and cons of an ECA with Limited Operational Flexibility;
  • Provide a list of information required to complete the application;
  • Complete a site visit;
  • Review your current Emission Summary and Dispersion Modelling (ESDM) Report, if available, and update to include any changes;
  • Complete dispersion modelling and compare results to MECP Point-of-Impingement Limits;
  • Complete primary or secondary noise screening and coordinate an Acoustic Assessment Report (AAR), if required;
  • Assemble the ECA application, including the ESDM Report, required MECP forms and supporting information;
  • Regularly follow up with the MECP to check the status of the application;
  • Assist in answering any questions the MECP review engineer may have; and
  • Review the draft ECA.

ORTECH can assist in maintaining compliance with the new permit by providing the following services, if applicable:

  • Assist in preparing an operating manual;
  • Complete source testing and/or odour testing;
  • Prepare and maintain a modification log;
  • Coordinate Maximum Concentration Level Assessments;
  • Update the ESDM Report, as required, to maintain an ESDM Report which reflects the current operations; and
  • Prepare the Annual Written Summary Forms and supporting documentation.

ORTECH’s extensive experience in applying and obtaining ECAs includes (but is not limited to) the following activities:

  • Cement Batch Plants
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Product Manufacturing
  • Cooling Towers
  • Electronic Component Manufacturing (including hand, wave, and selective soldering and SMD ovens)
  • Hot-Mix Asphalt Plants
  • Laboratory Fume Hoods
  • Machine Shops
  • Metal Product Manufacturing (including plasma, laser, and flame cutting)
  • Natural Gas Distribution & Storage
  • Paint Spray Booths and Paint Dip Stations
  • Plastics Product Manufacturing (including rotational moulding, extrusion, vacuum forming, injection moulding, and blow moulding)
  • Pollution Control Devices (including thermal processors and dust collectors)
  • Portable Crushing, Grinding & Screening Equipment
  • Process Combustion Equipment (including turbines, reciprocating engines, boilers, and heaters)
  • Standby Power Generation
  • Welding Operations


ORTECH provides our clients with a comprehensive approach to Permitting and Compliance Services. We deliver ready access to a multi-disciplinary team of experts, providing solutions to complex energy production and industrial process issues. Our detailed understanding of a wide variety of business sectors through our senior staff's experience allows us to support client's needs in corporate and local environmental issues and sustainable development. ORTECH offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure that your project remains compliant and up-to-date.